Being The Victim of Abuse is NEVER ok.

Under Konstruction was formed in 2016, with the intentions of reducing domestic violence, raising a greater awareness in the community, and to provide female victims and their families with a safe space to express their feelings and concerns as they address domestic violence. We work very hard to provide victims with the necessary resources to address their situation.

In 2018, after several requests, we decided it was time to expand our services to now include Relationship Coaching for women and / or couples seeking to rebuild, reinvent, or stimulate their existing, personal, or new relationships. Just because you found yourself loving an abuser in the past, it does not mean that your future cannot be different. Healthy effective relationships exist. It may require you to sharpen, or gain new tools. 

Please note: Under Konstruction WILL NOT coach any couple who is actively experiencing a domestic violent relationship; until they have actively participated, and completed an individual certified program geared towards an abuse free lifestyle.


Court Advocacy

Support Group

Community Workshops and Presentations

Staff Training's and Awareness

This is for you if...
Reason #1

Your partner is controlling:

Monitors your whereabouts, who you speak to and spend time with. 

Reason #2

You fear your partner:

Has a bad and unpredictable temper

Hurts or threatens to kill you or your children / family

Threatens to commit suicide if you walk away from the relationship

Reason # 3

​Believe that if you love them enough things would change

A personal message from Tina..

After spending 8 long years in a relationship with a pathelogical liar, who was physically, emotionally and mentally abusive, one day, I decided that enough was enough. 

Although it took me years to get past all the shame, embarrassment, doubt and fear, I decided that it was time to take my life back and live.

Because there was very little conversation about domestic violence and private supportive services, I found myself struggling to get over the scars associated with abuse. 

Thankfully, years later while in university, I was privy to volunteering at a domestic violence shelter to which prompted my journey towards seeking support and healing. 

Today, I can stand firm and say, " yes, I was once  a victim of domestic violence, but it didn't break me. He didn't win."

​I decree victory over your life today. You too, can break free of abuse. But first, you must believe that you can.

​Yours truly,


Tina T. Laws

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